Water is 70% of the globe, yet only 3% can be used for our everyday needs.

People can’t live without it, it’s the building block of life. But in many developing countries, the only water people can access is either contaminated, far away, extremely expensive, or all three.

One quarter of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water. That is 75 of your 300 Facebook friends, 7 students in the average middle school classroom, and 28 people on your average domestic flight. This makes up 1.8 BILLION people around the world.

These numbers are overwhelming. But the problem is solvable. Through large-scale, systematic change – different than any approach attempted before – we can solve this problem.

What if there was a small group of people out there trying to make this change a reality?

Water For People is an international development organization headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Water is our life, and our passion. We are working towards one goal, to help people gain access to water that lasts for generations. We are that handful of people out to change the world and we can’t do it alone.

Join us and help spread the word and the excitement that together we can make an impact.

We can change the world.

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